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Take a Walk in History
Stop by the Silverton Historical Society's Interpretive Centre to pick up a pamphlet that will guide you through a historic walking tour. View the heritage buildings on Lake Avenue, stop in front of Mr. Peachy's 1910 ice cream parlour and gaming room and see the home of William Hunter, the founder of Silverton. The Interpretive Centre is located in the old Silverton School, built in 1919.

Interpretive Centre
Visit our Interpretive Centre to view historic photographs and maps of the area. See artifacts collected at abandoned mine sites.

Frank Mills
Outdoor Mining Museum

Frank Mills, an old-time miner from a pioneer family, collected many of the 58 pieces of machinery from abandoned mining camps up Silverton Creek. The collection continues to grow as other pieces are donated by community members. Located on the town's original school ground, the exhibit brings the workings of the mines down to the valley. See a water-driven compressor, an air-driven hammer, drills, tram line ore buckets, a mine cage and more. (Pick up a pamphlet at the Interpretive Centre.)

Silverton Gallery and outdoor mining exhibit
Fingland Cabin

Fingland Cabin & Blacksmith Shop
Built in 1896, this cabin was restored a century later by the Silverton Historical Society. A step inside the cabin is a step back in time. The cabin is furnished as it would have been over a hundred years ago. It is much like the once common prospector's or miner's log cabin in town. The Blacksmith Shop is set up with tools and it is easy to imagine Fred Fingland working there in his day. A viewing corridor displays other items from that era.

Tram Tower
Since steep mountain sides prevented the development of road systems, ore was brought down from the mines by tram lines. The trams were invaluable for transporting ore from mines at high elevations to lake level. From there, the ore was transported by barge and rail for processing. The tram system demonstrates the ingenuity and achievements of early miners. The replica tower provides a visual portrayal of a significant element in Silverton's mining history. It is now located at the outdoor mining museum and will soon be joined by another tower, with a cable connection to be made between the two.

tram tower replica

Historic Trails
The Silverton Historical Society has cleared heritage mining trails in the Silverton Creek drainage. These trails were used for travel between the mining camps and Silverton. You can still find abandoned mining and camping gear, some of it a century old. Trails include the Wakefield, the Billy Valentine, and the Alamo.

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