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Silverton images

New Denver images
Photo Reprints Available for Purchase
All the above historical photographs from Silverton and New Denver are available as reprints in various sizes. 8 X 10 reprints on photographic paper are made from high-quality scans. Enlargements at 11" X 14", 16" X 20" and 20" X 24" are made from negatives. All work is professionally done by Vogue Studios of Nelson, British Columbia. Copyright notice is stamped on the back of each reprint. To order, please download and print out order forms. Click here  for more details about processing, ordering and shipping.
8 X 10 Order Form   (in PDF format)
8 X 10 Order Form   (as jpeg image)
Enlargement Order Form   (in PDF format)
Enlargement Order Form
  (as jpeg image)

All scanning, film processing and printing is done at Vogue Studios of Nelson, British Columbia, who can lay claim to several decades of experience in portrait photography and archival work.

Scans (350 dpi tiff) were made using high-end flat-bed and film scanners. The scanned image has not been altered or cropped in any way, and will print as large as possible within an 8 X 10 format. Margins widths on the reprint will often vary from the horizontal to the vertical because the width to height ratio of the original image has been maintained. Scan reprints are made on photographic paper, providing professional quality and durability.

Enlargements of 11" X 14", 16" X 20" and 20" X 24" are made using medium-format inter-negs taken of the original image. These large negatives provide excellent detail in enlargements, subject only to the quality of the original.


See order forms for pricing.

Please download and print out the appropriate order form for the type of reprint requested. Try opening the PDF version first, because it will print out more crisply. Most computers have Adobe Acrobat Reader and can read and print this file. If you do not have Acrobat Reader, it is available for no charge from the Adobe website. As a backup, all browsers will be able to open the JPEG image version of the Order Form. It will print out better than it looks on the monitor screen.


8 X 10 reprints are shipped in envelopes with stiffeners to prevent them from being bent. Shipping costs are fixed at $2.60 for up to 3 reprints in an envelope. Please contact Silverton Historical Society for shipping costs when there are more than 3 reprints in one envelope, or if you live outside of Canada.

Enlargements are shipped in tubes. Shipping costs vary, depending on size of enlargement and what region of Canada, or what country, the parcel is being sent to. Approximate shipping costs within Canada are as follows: BC and Alberta $8 to $10; Sask. $10 to $12; Manitoba and points East $12 to $14.

Please contact Silverton Historical Society for exact shipping costs on each enlargement order before completing order form.

Note: for best results, the enlargement should be dry-mounted by a frame shop immediately after removal from the shipping tube.

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