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Silverton drilling contest in 1928
Hand Drilling Contest in Silverton - 1928
Window in the Mountain publication

Window in the Mountain was published by the Silverton Historical Society as a tribute to Eugene Peterson and our pioneer prospectors. It contains early recollections and mining stories of the Slocan area as well as historic mining poems.

An excerpt from the introduction:
"Driving an adit or sinking a shaft was a mark of achievement, a sort of status and object of pride to our early prospectors. It was the only way they had of seeing what was otherwise buried and concealed to their vision. To Gene Peterson, a mine was a "Window in the Mountain."  (Nancy Anderson)

Window in the Mountain
36 pages
$10 plus shipping
$8 plus shipping for members

Sparked by the desire to record the history of our town before it was lost, the Silverton Historical Society sponsored local author, John Norris, to write a book. Old Silverton, British Columbia: 1891-1930 recounts the early days of Silverton. With his detailed descriptions, attention to fact and a good dose of humour, Norris brings to life those prospectors, businessmen and others who came here in search of prosperity. Old Silverton won the 1986 British Columbia Lieutenant Governor's Medal for History Writing.

Old Silverton,
British Columbia:1891-1930

by John Norris
256 pages

New Printing with new cover
now available in limited quantity

$20 members
$25 non-members
add $3 for shipping in Canada
add $6 for shipping to U.S.

Old Silverton publication
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