Historical Societies and their Purpose

Historical Societies and their Purpose

There are organizations around the world that work to preserve the heritage of their countries. They are named as historical society and also referred to as the preservation society. The aim of these societies is to collect, research, preserve and interpret the historical information and items. These items and information are collected from different sites and sources. Here at silvertonhistoricalsociety.ca, we will see why and how such societies were established and their importance.

Historical societies were born initially to help the younger generations in understanding the heritages of their country. Preservation societies specialize in different areas where they focus on a specific historical artefact. These range from antiques, historical buildings, cities or towns, geographical areas, genealogy, religious and ethnic groups. Some even focus on historical infrastructures like railways and bridges.

Historical societies were formed back in the 16th or 17th century in Western Europe. These societies were established for “lovers of Antiquity” which eventually became tourist attractions for the general public. Till date, preservation societies work to attract tourists for the sheer joy of education and awe. The future generation will always have a way to learn about their ancestors and the likes of the olden days.

The Young Generation

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Even with such entertainment coming home to the very hands of the young, the interest in their history has not wavered. The evolvement of technology has, on the contrary, made it easy for all to understand history. Items and artefacts collected are now accurately assessed for their origin and use. This has helped nations understand their heritage and with it take into account the geographical landscape for their advantage.

Formation of Historical Societies

United States of America saw its first historical society in 1791 which is now known as the Massachusetts Historical Society (MHS). The founder, Jeremy Belknap, teamed up with nine Bostonians who lend him a helping hand in creating the society. It was named “The Historical Society” dedicating its work to collect materials in order to understand the history of America.

This group of individuals had a collection of their own which included artefacts, papers, and books of the same nature. This eventually led to the early rise of the nation’s first historical storehouse. Since at the time there were no other preservation societies, MHS took over as a national role. This can still be seen in the publications and collections of today. What Belknap sowed back in 1971, still blooms to the day where the study of Massachusetts and the nation continues.

Importance of Historical Societies

History is not a discipline that is learned in the classroom alone or presented in profiles for the public to see. The efforts of historians that goes into digging up facts and proof of events that shape the world we live in today is not a simple task. These historians learn and practice their skills in museums, government agencies, consulting firms, archives, courtrooms and national parks. These settings are all labelled as “public history” and for historians to expand their knowledge with what they have.

When a nation has sheer knowledge of its history, they can predict their future. Whatever the world is seeing right now, it has already been through it in the past. The great wars, pandemics, civil unrests and other situations, both good and bad are being repeated. History provides a tool for the current situations and provides guidance towards a reasonable solution. Although, predicting the future is a tough thing and not all can do it with ease. It is a dynamic field one that needs further exploration.

Keeping in view the local historical societies which are run by passionate historians who love the subject is a hope for all. These volunteer-run organizations play a vital role in preserving and protecting records from the past in order to predict the future. Another purpose this serves is the open interpretation of events for the public eye.